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The main characters for dbnz

We actually do the voices for the ppl and hear r the names of the ppl that do some of the characters:

Gochi Son: Holly(owner)
Fav quote from dbz: "Where therez a will therez a way"Goku
Fav quote from dbnz:""(sings the pull up commercial song)im a big kid now"Chessy(2nd saga)

Flute O'Keefe:Amy (co-owner)
Fav quote from dbz:"oooo itz purple i bet itz grape flavored"goku
Fav quote from dbnz:"Ja~ne???"Class

Hazel Panagiotis:Stephen
Fav quote from dbz:" I get 10 points for every human i hit ahahha"17

Ice Cold:Hayley
Fav quote from dbz:"Hey look Trunks is pulling on trunks' hair"Oolong
Fav quote from dbnz:"well were all 14 accept for Boxer, hez such a showoff, hez 15"Ice

Boxer Briefs: Trevor
fav quote from dbz: "id rather die then fuse with you" "but vegeta your already dead"
fav quote from Dbnz: "Hell no i dont trust you behind the wheel. Especially in my car. I'm driving."