Gohan's Day Before Work


Gohan's Day before work

"Gohan your alarm clock went off an hour ago"Videl said while shaking Gohan."Your late for work"
"Shit"Gohan said as he sprung up from bed. Gohan rushed to get ready. "Awe man and I still have to go to Krillin's and give them the money I owe him. Last time i play poker with that guy"
Gohan's computer screen flashes and says "You got mail" Gohan trips over his suitcase and looks who its from but doesn't look at the message."Awe crap its from work!"Gohan rushes away from the computer and trips over his suitcase again.He gets up and picks his suitcase up. He goes out of his room and kisses Videl and hugs the young Pan.
"Bye Bye Daddy have a nice day" Pan smiles and starts playingwith her toys. On the way out, Gohan steps on one of Pan's skates and rides it into a wall. Gohan falls to floor. Videl helps him back up. Gohan grabs his face. "This is not going to be a good day"
Gohan gets out of the house and flies to Krillin's.
"here's your money Krillin"
"Hey you wanna play another game?"
"NO!!" Gohan flies off. He enters Satan City. He almost gets to his work building when he sees a bank being robbed."God damn it!Dont these people ever learn?!" Gohan goes in the bank and beats up the bank robbers.He throws them into a cop car. Gohan starts flying to work again."Finally I'm here. Now time to go inside and wor...."Gohan relizes that he forgot his suitcase!"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
Back at the Son residence. Pan is playing with Gohan's suitcase."I wonder why daddy left his suitcase here after he met wall. I really wish daddy would start asking me to use my skates....this is the 20th time hes used my skate with out asking..."
Gohan starts flying off to Krillin's house
Gohan flies home and sees Pan with it. He takes it from her and she bites him. Gohan rushes off rubbing his hand he starts heading off to work once again. Gohan reaches the building and goes inside and sees his co-worker Fred
"Fred I'm so sorry I'm late!"
"Late? Didnt you get the email?The boss said we didnt have to work today"
"Yeah so I guess we both came here for no reason, i should really get a computer"
"You........mean.......I went through all that...."Gohan passes out.

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