Hazel Teaches Gochi


Hazel Teaches Gochi

Author's Note:You will not understand who these characters are unless u read dragonball nz. And Crystal_Lynx(Flute) You dun want to read this itz a lemon run flute run!!!oh yeah if your a flamer saying "oh you have a sick mind blah blah blah" Y the hell r u readin a lemon then. And jus cuz u think sumthins sic u dun hav to say it to other ppl that mite like stuff like that and no im not talkin about sluts or nethin but no flames plzz cuz i got a golf club hehehehe ^_^'

Gochi and Hazel had just finished training with Chessy. Hazel put Chessy to bed and she fell asleep. Hazel comes back over to Gochi in the living room.
"Um Gochi you wanna come in my room and rest?"
"sure"Gochi and Hazel go in his room and sit on the bed.Gochi stretches and yawns."I'm tired from that training aren't you?"
"uh yeah" Hazel looks up and down Gochi's body. Gochi sees him and looks at him strangely.
"Is something wrong Hazel?" Hazel snaps out of it.
"uh mean yes..err what was the question?"Hazel looks at Gochi's body again. Looking at the curves of her body and admiring everything about her."Uh Gochi can i do somthing?"
"Sure go ahead"Hazel moves closer to Gochi and leans to her and kisses her on the lips. Gochi panics and jumps back"what are you doing?" Hazel looks down on Gochi confused.
"That was a kiss..wait dont you know what that is Gochi?"Gochi shakes her head. "Do you know what a dick is?" Gochi shakes head again. Hazel makes a suprised look "Do you know what sex is?"
"yeah i had to fill a couple of forms out when i was signing up for things" Hazel anime falls.
"uh thats not what i mean Gochi. Dont you know the difference between guys and girls?"
"yeah, guys get beards and girls dont and girls have boobs and guys dont. Dende told me that"
"dont you know any other differences?"
"No. Isn't that it?"
"Gochi can i teach you somethings you can do with a guy? I love you Gochi do you love me?"
"uh what's that?"Hazel starts thinking how much her "intelligence" is limited but Hazel figures that this teaching lesson will be good for the both of them.Hazel lays Gochi back. "Gochi I'm going to teach you the things we can do together ok?" Gochi nods. Hazel puts a hand on one of Gochi's breast and rubs it slowly and lightly. Gochi closes her eyes and makes a lil moan. Hazel smirks and he takes his other hand and does the same to her other breast. Hazel reaches for the end of Gochi's shirt and starts pulling it up. Gochi panics and pushes Hazel off the bed and jumps up. Hazel gets up slowly and rubs his head. "Gochi its ok this is all part of it just calm down" Gochi sits back down and calms a lil bit."You need to lay down and relax Gochi" Gochi lays back and Hazel gets on top of Gochi and pulls her shirt off and stares at her body for a bit and then takes off her bra and bends down and sucks on one of her breasts. Gochi lets out a lil noise. Hazel keeps sucking while caressing Gochi's other breast. Hazel stops and then starts movin his hand down into Gochi's skirt. He rubs her clit really fast. Gochi lets out a moan and closes her eyes.
"What...are you...doing Hazel?.." Gochi lets out a loud moan as Hazel rubs her clit faster. Gochi covers her mouth. "What was that?"Hazel smirks.
"I was giving you pleasure Gochi and that was a moan which means you like this alot and thats good" Hazel moves his finger to Gochi's opening and slides a finger in. Gochi bends her head back and bites her lower lip. Hazel moves his finger in and out of Gochi. Gochi moans again and squirms around. Hazel smirks, he remembers these reactions but it wasnt with Gochi it was way before Gochi when Hazel had another. At that time Hazel didn't know what he was doing but now he wasn't a virgin and he had Gochi who was a very special virgin to him. He starts to move his finger in and out faster and Gochi bends her head back in pleasure. Hazel takes his finger out and and slides Gochi's skirt and panties off. Gochi panics and starts powering up. Hazel knowing Gochi's power doesn't want to scare the saiyan. "Gochi shh it ok calm down. dont be scared im not going to hurt you this is all part of it" Gochi powers down a little. Hazel bends down and licks her clit very fast. Gochi clenches the blankets and moans and makes lil noises and her breathin gets deeper. Hazel gets very turned on hearing Gochi's noises of pleasure."Gochi want me to show you the last thing you can do?" Gochi nods. Hazel gets up and takes off his pants and boxers. Gochi sees his dick.
"So thats the difference between boys and gurls?"
"yeah Gochi" Hazel gets bac on top of Gochi. He slides his member into Gochi. Gochi moans in pain. Hazel moves in and out of Gochi waiting for her pain to subside. Gochi's painful moans soon turn into pleasureful ones. Hazel starts moving faster and faster. Gochi bends her head back and starts saying Hazel's name over and over again.
"Hazel stop.."
"What why?"
"i feel like i have to go to the bathroom"
"Gochi, you need to cum thats ok to let out right now"
"But it feels like pee so i guess i'll wait until were done"
"I cant let you do that Gochi. Youll feel much better if you cum"Hazel starts moving faster. Gochi moans and tries to hold it in.
"Why...are you...doing this..?"Gochi moans
"Because youll feel much better after you cum" Hazel keeps moving in and out of Gochi really fast and then Gochi arches her back and cums. Gochi is weakend. THe night goes on and Gochi tried powerin up to handle Hazel but she couldn't concentrate so that didnt work. Hazel made Gochi cum 2 more times and then he came. He pulled himself out of Gochi and Gochi let out a soft moan and started driftin off to sleep. Hazel kisses her on the forehead and strokes her hair. "I love you Gochi". As Gochi is falling into a deep sleep she manages to say something.
"I love you Hazel.."Hazel smiles and holds Gochi close and falls asleep.
I'll have the next chapter up as soon as i get more "ideas" but the next chap i think is gunna b a no lemon thing but u never know

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