Pans Bad Day

Pan's Bad Day By:Flute

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ . Oh well
What People will say
Pan whipped around.
"Trunks! Trunks where are you!" she screamed
The earth began to shake and the sky became dark. Shenron's face appeared in front of her.
"Good Morning!" said the eternal dragon "the high for today is 72degrees and the humidity is at an all time low."
Pan opened her eyes. Oh, I'm in my room. She sat up and turned off the alarm clock.
Still a little shaky she began to get dressed. A sudden thought occurred to her. What if these dreams are a prediction, what if I really lose Trunks! No... its just a dream. She removed the thought from her head and went downstairs.
She snapped to attention. Oh great if I zone out in school one more time my dad'll let Grandma teach me like she taught him!
"Sorry Umi-sensei"
Umi frowned. That Son Pan was very smart but she had a 24 second attention span. The school secretary came on the PA system: "Will Son Pan please rport to the Principal's Office, Son Pan report to the principal's office. Thank you."
Great, now what did I do to deserve this! She got up and was about to leave the room when Umi-sensei said...
"Pan please don't come back."
"What!" Gohan yelled. "What to you mean you got expelled!"
Pan was almost cowering in fear, she had never seen her father livid in anger. And to add icing to the cake the dreams had not stopped pestering her.
Just then the door creaked slightly open, revealing a dishevled Chichi, who had been contacted and informed as soon as Gohan found out.
Gohan; however, took no notice of her and in his anger yelled "DAMMIT!!! PIKACHU, I CHOOSE YOU!!!". Gohan, realizing what he had said, stopped to think about the positive and negative aspects and connotation this might have on une crepe au chocolat (for you non french speakers that's a chocolate crepe). Pan noticing her fathers distraction, snuck into her room. Chichi was still standing in the doorway.
Pan and all her frinds were at the beach.
"Hey look at me!" Goten yelled.
He then did... well Pan wasn't really sure what he was doing... itlooked like some sort of chicken dance/macarena/waltz thing.
Trunks came over and pulled her into his lap and then gave her an ice cream cone.
"Typical Goten" she said while licking her ice cream.
"yea" replied Trunks. "I still remember that time when we were kids--"
"What do you mean were? You're still a big kid Trunks!" interupted Pan
Trunks smirked "Oh yeah?"
Then he suddenly began to fade.
"Trunks! Trunks where are you!" she screamed
The earth began to shake and the sky became dark. Shenron's face appeared in front of her.
"It's up to you" He bellowed "You must stop it"

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