Challenge fanfic

Challenge Fanfic

A/N(authors note): Ok peeps me and crystal Lynx hav a  lil challenge goin around and it is that we both made a list of random quotes and give em to each other. If i dont succeed i gotta make a fanfic that is good about Piccolo**gasp** x_x Well here it is and dont be suprised if people are OOC.
The Z senshi were at a kareoke party. Chichi and Dende were competing against each other to see who was the best singer. Piccolo comes on to do a comedy act .
"Hey everyone!" Piccolo holds the mic really close to his mouth.
"Ahhh!No!! Not the pickles!!! " Bra screamed at the sight of Piccolo. Piccolo let out a sigh and rolled his eyes and made a quick joke at Bra
"Look I'm big and green and no matter how much you want to eat me...I'm not a vegetable nor a pickle.." Piccolo got nothing from the audience only a cricket chirp but then Vegeta killed it. "oooookkkk newayz....on with the show!"
Chichi and Dende come out with mics in their hands. Chichi starts singin.
"Arrowhead its better up here..." Chichi is interupted by Dende.
"Whats up with that?! what you trying to do? Bore everyone? this is how you impress people" Dende rips off his clothes and underneath you see the red outfit bra wears.
"Hey thats mine!!" Bra screams as Dende starts doin his dance
"Oops i did it again. I played with your heart. got lost in the game...."
Later on durin the party Chichi starts givin Goku his food and then Vegeta comes up to Goku and starts hittin on him. Vegeta is drunk.
"I love you man! You are the best i ever had!"
"This is no time for that Vegeta. I told you already i was drunk that night"Goku mumbles to Vegeta. Chichi offers Goku food. "This is no time for food Chichi I've lost my appetite!"
Meanwhile at the snack table Tien and Krillin are making conversation. They like to be random at parties and this is one of their moments....
"Why does it have to be the blue cups, I prefer the red cups to the blue cups and i dont want anything to do with the green cups!!!"Tien starts screamin as he throws the cups around. Krillin calms him down
"Well Tien that is to bad they didnt use the red cups but you know I just noticed something.... its not fair that Taina gets her own show right away before Nick Cannon, who is so very much better, and they made him wait"
"Hmmm that is an interesting point I guess you can say...."
Yajirobe interupts the two"Are you talking about how Io is the biggest moon of the planet Jupiter?" Tien socks Yajirobe in the face.
"Stop trying to act smart!!!"
"Tien you need to calm down. Your not a bouncer anymore"Krillin gets picked up and tossed at Goku. They both hit the floor. Chichi, Videl, and Gohan look at them and then go back to talking.
"So I heard you won a nobel prize Gohan"Chichi smiled proudly
"Yeah but he needs to work on his speeches skills" Videl says annoyed. Chichi looks at Gohan.
"What was your speech Gohan?"
Gohan put his hand in the back of his head and says"I just said 'Wow I guess I really am a genious!' I didnt know what else to say"
The night proceeds and it gets late and Dende wins the singing contest and then is arrested for endangering the publics eyes. Goku got drunk and went somewhere with Vegeta. Tien starts beating up anyone who comes up to him. Krillin goes up to other people to tel him his Taina theory. And they all lived OOC forever ^_^'
Ha!Crystal i beat you i finished it before you! muwahahahahaha well ill be waiting for yours to come out Crystal!

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