Gohan and Videl's First Kiss


Gohan And Videl's First Kiss

'How far has Gohan gone?'Videl thought to herself'All hes really done with me is hold me and kissed me on the cheek. Doesn't he want to do more?' Gohan and Videl were Walking to class. Videl had heard about Gohan's past and it looked like he never got his lesson on girls. 'Maybe.........I should show him other stuff he can do....'
A little later, Gohan and Videl chatted online
Saiyaman:Why do you want to go watch the stars?
LilBrat:What?You dont want to do anything with me?Fine i see how it is...
Saiyaman:No No its not that.....-_-' Its just that my mom wants me to study tonight...
LilBrat:Well just sneak out for tonight....pwese**sniff**
Saiyaman:Ok Ok ill do it. Dont do that....
On a hill, Gohan and Videl looked up at the stars
"Wow this is a great sight,this was a good idea Videl"Gohan said as he held Videl in his arms and kissed her forehead
'I guess its now or never' Videl thought to herself. Videl turned and looked into Gohan's eyes. Gohan made a confused look because he didnt know what Videl was up to. Videl put her face really close to Gohan's. She pushed her lips against his. Gohans tensed a whole lot. He had a sweatdrop. He started relaxing and he put his hands behind Videls head and continued kissing her. Videl slowly put her tongue in Gohans mouth and started moving it around. Gohan tensed again and then started rubbing his tongue against Videls.
When they seperated, Gohan kissed Videl on the cheek.
"I love you Videl"
"I love you too Gohan"
And Gohan and Videl had both had...there very first kiss

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