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Gochi:these r the fanfics of some ppl who emailed us some. if u want ur fanfic in then juz email one of us
Flute:ya email them to me more, i need som more ideas
Gochi:......mayb everyone betta juz send me the fanfics so nuthin bad happens to em with Flute

Here r other ppls fanfics:

DragonBallZ New Beginng

Gochi:this fanfic waz written by Stephen.i give this story *****.If you would like to give reviews on the fanfics on this site by the owners or other ppl then juz email me and ill post it in a section of the site.

Gochi:i forgot something else to tell every1 wen they send in there fanfics. Plzz giv a rating of ur fanfic. it can b:
G, PG, PG-13, R, Lemon fanfics will be accepted bcuz i dunno how to write those and Flute is still werkin on other fanfics.ty for listening