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Flute:(bandaged up from wut she went through in Gochis werd)Well since that freek can hav her own section so can i. Im gunna hav ppl on my show who r in dbnz. some ppl u wont no cuz they dont appear until the next saga. Well anywayz my first guest unfortunetly iz Ice Cold.

Ice walks out and sits in a chair

Ice:i am the kewlest character on the show!(leans bac in chair and falls bac)
Flute:Rite....Ice for ur first question i am going to allow the audience to throw chairs at u

The audience starts throwing chairs at Ice. After 15 min the audience iz dun. Ice crawls bac to hiz seat and sits down

Flute:now ur second question iz....
Ice:the first one wasnt evn a question!
Ice:(cowers)yes mam
Flute:anywayz....lets juz bring out our next guest..(mutters)another loser... Hazel Panagiotis!

Hazel walks out and sits down

Hazel:u throw chairs at me and ill kill the whole audience...
Flute:ok then audience! u r allowed to throw sharp objects and heavy objects at Hazel

The audience throws sharp objects and then one audience member grabs a camera and hits Hazel on the head.Hazel lies there twitching on the floor.

Flute:Well thaz all the time we hav for today bai ppl!
Ice:Flute i think Hazel and me need a doctor
Flute:o well
Hazel:*twitch* *Twitch*

Flute: Hi ppl welcom to my second show. Today we will talk to my best friend Boxer Briefs, so com on out Boxer

Boxer coms out and sits in chair
Boxer:hey Flute
Flute:hiya Boxer, ur gunna help me with the show k?
Boxer:Alright but i dont want to hurt anyone Flute
Flute:Dont worry thats the audiences job
Boxer:Really?Cool!Can we get one of my teachers up here then?
Flute:I already have the guests set up Boxer maybe next time. Ok our first guest for today will be um.....er......GOD DAMNIT SHE DOESNT HAVE A NAME! Ok ill juz calll her what shes called in dbnz...Lets introduce WOMAN!!

*Woman walks onto the stage and sits in chair*

Flute:Ok now to start our questions--

*Gochi blasts through the ceiling and floats above the audience*

Flute:You freak!What the hell do you think your doing?!

*Gochi blasts at Woman,Woman dodges blasts and then fires back at Gochi*

Flute:GOD DAMN IT!!!BOXER STOP THEM*looks over and sees Boxer gone and finds a note saying "Sorry Flute catch ya later"* GRRRR*Flute gets out a machine gun and shoots between Gochi and Woman*NOW STOP!!!.......OH FUCK IT*gets out bazooka and shoots Woman,Flute then calms down*Well thats all the time we have for today ppl, afta i find my co-host and threaten him ill give ya another show but until then JA~NE!!

Next time:Well give it another try and try to hav a calm show